PhD students

Gayane Eisler

Gayane Eisler M.A.



1999-2004: Education of Foreign Languages and Linguistics at the University of
Yerevan, Bachelor of Arts
2005-2007: Education of European Studies and History at the Andrássy Gyula German Speaking University Budapest, Master of Arts
Topic of the master thesis: "The national question in Bohemia until 1918, with particular focus on the period between 1848 and 1918".
Currently: PhD Student at the Institute for Diaspora Research and Genocide Studies

Research Interests:
• Nationalism and national movements in Central Europe
• National Socialism
• Genocide Studies
• Armenian History

"Armenian Reform Demands and the Response of the European Great Powers on the eve of the First World War"

This research focuses on the Armenian Question in a key phase of the history of the Ottoman Empire, between the Young Turk seizure of power in 1908 and the entry of the Empire into the First World War 1914. The main topic of this PhD-project is a detailed historical review of a previously unexplored aspect of Armenian-Ottoman history. It took part in a particular transitional period, which moved from a multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire to a Turkish national state. The thesis deals basically with the Armenian reform demands, with regard to their respective carrier groups as well as the formulated goals.
Within this research project and its exemplary study and systematic analysis of the Armenian reform demands of the years 1913/1914, it should be possible to obtain extensive insights into the emancipation movement of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and into the political discourse in the Empire on the eve of the First World War.

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