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Marius Seydel M.A.

Marius Seydel M.A.



2010-2016: Education of History (2010-2016) and Archeology (2010-2013) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
2016: Master of Arts. Master thesis about the motorized „I. SS-Gendarmerie Battalion.“
Since 2016: PhD student at the Institute for Diaspora Research and Genocide Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Research Interests:
• Modern and Recent History
• National Socialism
• Holocaust Studies and perpetrator research
• Genocide Studies
• Research on violence

Phd Thesis:
"Ermöglichungsverhältnisse. Die Integration von NS-Sondereinheiten in kooperative Netzwerke. Das Beispiel: Das 1./SS-Gendarmerie-Battalion (mot.)"

The subject of the doctoral dissertation is a German police formation, which was called the motorized „I. SS-Gendarmerie Battalion“. During the Second World War this battalion was assigned to participate in the persecution and mass murder of the Jews, the combat against partisans and in the suppression of the Polish population in the District of Lublin in German occupied Poland. The thesis explores the structures and activities of this battalion and contributes to the issues of the organisation and the course of the German politics of violence. Challenging explanatory approaches regarding personal dispositions, situations and dynamics of violence and structural contexts, the dissertation analyses the cooperation and the interconnectedness of German special units by using the example of this gendarmerie battalion.

• Der gerichtliche Umgang mit den Tätern im Bialystok-Prozess. Ein gerechtes Verfahren?, Saarbrücken 2014.

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